Texas Australian Shepherds & Australian Cattle Dogs

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Any and all information and pictures on this web site are the property of Roberts' Ranch Aussies/Chelsea Roberts.

Waiting List

I will be starting to do a PAID waiting list.  It will be a $200 non-refundable fee to be placed on the waiting list.  This fee will go towards the purchase price of your puppy.  Once a litter is born, I will start accepting people onto the waiting list. I will only accept so many people per sex/color of puppies in the litter.  


I will still continue to start accepting deposits at 4 weeks old.  People on the waiting list will be given the opportunity to choose their puppy first, then I will accept deposits on the remaining puppies in the order that I receive requests (like usual).  If a person on the waiting list does not pick in the current litter, they will be rolled over to the next litter.

Returning customers will not have to pay the fee to be added to the waiting list!


I get asked a lot if people can come to see the puppies and their parents.  I am very sorry, but I do not allow any visitors to my home/kennel.  There are far too many communicable diseases that can be brought in and I will not risk the health of my dogs or their puppies for any reason.  At any given time, I can have newborn, unvaccianted puppies that could not fight off anything brought in from the outside.  I do try to have pics of all of my dogs on the web site so that you may see their parents and have a little info on them.  I do not mind sending more info on any of my dogs, if you would like it.

Please understand that a healthy start to life for our puppies is of highest importance.


We are located in Canton, Texas...the heart of beautiful Van Zandt County. We are about 1 hour east of Dallas and 30 minutes west of Tyler.

Lifetime Returns

The last thing I ever want is for one of my puppies to end up in a bad situation.  I do have it in my sales contract that if you are no longer able to care for your puppy/dog, that they are to be returned to me.  They are NOT to be sold, taken to a shelter, or surrendered to a rescue. I know that situations can change, so there are NO questions asked. I take full responsibility for any/all puppies that I produce from day one to the last day!

What puppies do you have available?

I try very hard to keep my web page as current as I can!  All of the puppies on the web site should be available.  All of the pics on the web site are current and new pics are posted weekly so you can see the puppies grow.  I do take them off as I receive deposits, but some times I can not get to it right away. All of their info is listed with the litter (i.e. sex, color, parents, age). Please contact me if you don't see what you are looking for!

What comes with my puppy?

All puppies are provided with health certificate and registration application(s) and are current on all age appropriate vaccinations and worming with their first dose of flea/tick preventative.  They also come with a 1 year guarantee on any condition that will affect their quality of life. They also come home with a small bag of dog food.  You may keep them on it, or slowly transition them to a different dog food.

Puppy pick up

Once you have put a deposit on your puppy, you need to pick it up before it's 9 weeks old, unless we have made other arrangements.  If your puppy is not picked up by 9 weeks old, there will be a boarding fee of $5/day for everyday that your puppy is in my care once it has turned 9 weeks old.

Can I get my puppy before it's 8 weeks old?

As of September 1st, 2012, HB 1451 went into effect as law.  I am licensed and inspected by the State of Texas.  One part of the new law is that all puppies must stay with the breeder until they are 8 weeks of age.  I try very hard to make your new puppy experience as easy as possible, but I have to follow the law.


I get asked a lot about tails...

The Breed Standard for the Australian Shepherd is that the tail must not be longer than 4 inches.   Yes, we dock all of their tails.  I do have some puppies born with a naturally docked tail.  If the tail looks to me like it will not be longer than 4 inches when the pup is grown, I will leave the tail as it is.  If it looks like it will be longer than 4 inches, I will dock it.  I will not leave the tail on an Australian Shepherd. 

Now, for the ACDs...  In the past, I have docked their tails. We have ACD's with and without tails.  I don't see any difference in their ability to work.  I no longer dock their tails, so all of my ACD puppies will come with a tail.  If you wish to have your ACD's tail docked after you purchase it, that is your right.  Some vets will perform the procedure. 

Size of Aussies

I get asked a lot about Minis and Toys. I ONLY raise Australian Shepherds and NO other size variance.  Our dogs are bred to work and average around 50-70 lbs.  My dogs are big boned and have a solid frame. 


I start accepting deposits at 4 weeks old.  If you have decided on a puppy and would like for me to hold it for you, until it's ready to go at 8 weeks old, you may put down a deposit of half the purchase price on the puppy. 

If you are undecided, it is best that you wait until you are sure.  I do not do transfers or holds on multiple puppies, so please make sure that you are set on a puppy.  If you would like to see the puppies before you decide, I have no problem meeting with you in Canton so that you can see them and maybe pick one.  There is only so much you can tell from a picture.  All of my puppies have different personalities and they react differently to different people.

Because of recent events, I will not longer be giving a 5 business day grace period to receive deposits on puppies.   If you decide on a puppy, you may place the deposit with a credit card or through PayPal (there will be a 5% fee).


My Aussie puppies are priced from $500-$1250. My ACD puppies are priced from $400-$750.  I ask for half the purchase price as a deposit to hold puppies until they are ready to go at 8 weeks old. 

When I receive a deposit, I d take that puppy off of the web site as soon as I can.

I do not post prices on the web site, so please contact me for prices.  I don't usually price the puppies until it's time to start taking deposits at 4 weeks old.


All of our dogs are double, triple, or quadruple registered.  All of our puppies are registered, sometimes double registered.  This is a list of the registries that we use on our puppies:

AKC- American Kennel Club (Aussies and ACDs)

ASCA- Australian Shepherd Club of America (Aussies only)

CKC- Continental Kennel Club (Aussies and ACDs)

Dogs For Sale

None of the adult dogs on my web site are for sale.  All of the adult dogs on this web site are my personal dogs that I use everyday.  I post their pictures so that everyone can see the parents/grandparents of my puppies.  I do, sometimes, have dogs that I would like to re-home and I will have them posted on the "Available Adults" page, so that anyone interested can let me know.  If you are looking for a puppy, all of the ones on the puppy pages are available!


I'm sorry, but we do not ship our puppies.  I don't feel comfortable loading an 8 week old puppy, by it's self and sending it off on a plane.  You are more than welcome to fly in and pick up your puppy, but we will not ship them.  Let me know if you have any questions!

Health Testing

Genetic test results are posted with each dog's pics and info. 

License Info TxLic#120

I am licensed and inspected by The State of Texas as a dog breeder.  My last state inspection was on 3-7-2017 with no violations. I am also inspected by AKC. My last AKC inspection was on 6-30-2016 with no violations. 

Dog and cat breeders are regulated by the Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation. PO Box 12157, Austin, TX 78711